Omaha brewery Vis Major is the culmination of years of vision and sacrifice, a labor of love for founders Tom and Lindsey Clements.


We offer up inspired, artisan craft beer to enlighten the palate and charm the spirit with a diverse menu of year-round, seasonal, and specialty
beers—and an inviting brew hall to match. 

This is community centric brewing; providing our neighborhood—and beer enthusiasts throughout the Midwest—an inventive, balanced, inclusive, and altogether unique drink experience.

Beer making is a long-held tradition, one with a long connection to the divine that transcends age, culture, or religion. The spirit of that connection, it’s in our work, and it’s in our name.

Join us.

Connect with something ancient.
Connect with something new.


Behind the name.

At the end of harvest, Belgian farmers would crush and boil remaining grains and leave them in open casks. Wild yeast blew in from the fields unseen, fermented the wort, and provided them beer. The farmers saw this as a touch of the divine, an act of God (Vis Major in Latin) that turned their grain into this mystical drink.