Shony's Favor                      Scottish Ale

For every barrel we brew of this malty, full-bodied ale, one pint is ceremonially thrown into the sea during the cover of darkness. This offering we make is to please Shony. The ancient Celtic water spirit’s demands are not complicated: brew some ale, pour a pint into the sea for him, and drink the rest in his honor. To drink one is a sacrifice to stay in his good graces.

Mosaic Muse
Double Dry-hopped     Mosaic IPA

The art of mosaic imagery dates back to Mesopotamia, a historic region situated within the Tigris–Euphrates river system. Our Tigris Bend is brewed as a single hop IPA yet is deep in flavor and aroma from the double dry hop additions.

Fasting Friar

The tradition of the doppelbock first began in Munich by Franciscan order founded by Saint Francis of Paula. Due to it's sweet malty and roasted flavor, the style served as "liquid bread" for the Friars during times of fasting.